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Feminized Cannabis Seeds Big Bud Automatic (Autoflowering) is a is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..

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Buy Big Bud Automatic Seeds Online AUSTRALIA USA UK SPAIN GERMANY

Big Bud Automatic Seeds | Where to buy Big Bud Automatic Seeds

Growth pattern of Big Bud Automatic

Big Bud Automatic cannabis seeds are 80% Indica. The result? A high-yielding automatic variant, which produces a typically Indica high.

This is an autoflowering strain, which makes it ideal for novice growers. As an auto, it’s capable of thriving in most climates, and offers a faster flowering time too.  This is advantageous for anyone wanting swift results, or multiple harvests per year. Most plants will range from 90 to 130 cm; with those grown outdoors reaching slightly larger heights (of around 150 cm at most).

Indoors, plants often produce up to 400 – 450 g/m², with outdoor plants generating around 100 – 175 grams each.
The distinctive buds are a key feature of Big Bud Automatic. They’re huge, and retain most of their size even after curing.

Effect, taste, and smell of Big Bud Automatic
Buy Big Bud Automatic’s indica genetics are immediately detectable upon consumption. Users often report a heady, complete-body high, which is relaxing and intense. The 15% sativa element adds a hint of euphoria.

The Afghan heritage of this plant makes itself known through its scent, which is sweet, musky and spicy.

Did you know?

Big Bud Automatic Seeds;

  • Big Bud Auto requires minimal training, as it grows extremely fast.
  • It has such heavy buds that sometimes, plants will require additional support towards harvest-time.
  • Bid Bud Auto is Sensi Seeds’ highest-yielding autoflowering strain.
  • It comes in two other variants; Big Bud Regular and Big Bud Feminized.
  • Big Bud is a prize-winning strain (Cannabis Cup – indica category).

The heavy-yielding big sister of WSS Skunk Automatic!
80% Indica The Big Bud Automatic (Autoflowering) strain has large proportion of Indica genes in its background.


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