Blueberry Kush


Strain Name: Blueberry Kush

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: Light green flowers, copious red hairs, symmetrical buds

Smell: Honeysuckle, Oak

Taste: Honeysuckle, dry red wine

Effects: starts as a mellow lay-back and soak in the sunshine pain remover and then the creeper hits about 10-20 minutes later and can last 2-3 hours in the morning/daytime, 1-1.5 at night.

Potency: Strong. Best to use in afternoon/eve, or after maximum pain/stress levels. Good before bed about an hour or two. Touch up if you can with that “ah, relax into the neck support pillow” final hit before going to the bedroom.


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Blueberry is a marijuana strain that is renowned for its spectacular flavor
and euphoric highs. The strain was created by the iconic breeder DJ short.
Blueberry is an indica hybrid cross of (Purple Thai x Highland Thai) and
Afghani. When bred properly, Blueberry is around 19.5% THC and creates a
quality very dense bud. Blueberry’s unique berry taste and mellowing buzz make
it a go-to strain for cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. Medical marijuana users
find Blueberry both stress relieving and pain relieving.

Blueberry is a popular, flavor-forward indica hybrid with a strong genetic
backbone. It is a three-way cross between an indica Afghani parent and sativa
Thai and Purple Thai variant parents. Blueberry was originally developed in
the 1970s or 80s by DJ Short, a mysterious but prolific breeder who’s been
dubbed the “Willy Wonka of pot.” Blueberry is distinguished by an unmistakable
fresh blueberry smell and taste that have made it an enduring favorite.
Blueberry is popular nationwide. It won top marks in the 2000 High Times
Cannabis Cup for Best Indica and best strain overall. Blueberry has a THC
content that ranges between 15% and 24%.

Flowers of this strain are small and densely-packed, as one might expect of an
indica-dominant variety. The compact forest green leaves are often flecked
with traces of purple and red. These latter colors develop due to high
concentrations of pigments called anthocyanins in this strain’s genetics — as
the plants are exposed to colder than average temperatures during the growing
period, these pigments are activated, bringing out colorful hues. The leaves
are coated in almost transparent trichomes, which may be harder to see than
that milky or amber-colored glands covering similarly resinous strains.
Nevertheless, buds of Blueberry are very sticky and may be difficult to break
up by hand without the use of a grinder.

This strain’s bag appeal isn’t just limited to its eye-catching hues — when
cured properly, the flowers immediately give off an aroma of fresh
blueberries. This sweet and slightly tart smell bears some resemblance to the
odor of the Purple Thai parent strain. Breaking open buds of Blueberry gives
off some more complex scents of spice and musk, reminiscent of Afghani
varieties. When buds are directly combusted, some skunkiness is evident. Smoke
is surprisingly smooth for an indica, and has a sweet blueberry taste on
inhale and exhale with no lingering funk.

Often described as a “one hit and quit” strain, Blueberry is notably potent,
even for experienced cannabis enthusiasts. Users are quickly struck with a
sense of physical heaviness that may be disorienting in situations that
require mobility or coordination. In relaxed settings, this physical sensation
can translate into a therapeutic calmness, allowing users to unwind after a
long day or week of work.

The sativa genetics confer some slight mental effects, but these take the form
of euphoric uplift more than of cerebral thoughtfulness; smokers may feel
chatty or even giggly. In high enough doses, Blueberry will leave users heavy
and couchlocked — this is not an ideal strain for productivity and is better
suited to tranquil evening use. Medically speaking, Blueberry has almost
narcotic properties.

It is of use to those with pain conditions — both short-term pain due to
injury or exercise or long-term chronic pain related to disease or nerve
damage. It can also help relieve some of the troubling symptoms of stress,
anxiety and PTSD, creating a physical relaxation strong enough to ease a
racing, pre-occupied mind.


1 Pound, 1/2 pound, 1/4 pound, Ounce(30grams)


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