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One of the best weed strains to ring in the new year in a blaze of glory is Dragon’s Breath. This love child of Jack Herer and Northern Lights is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s known for making the consumer happy and sociable.

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Buy Dragon Breath strain; The Dragon OG was an OG Kush bag seed male and had a purple-headed hydra appearance that earned the plant its name. We used him to pollinate a long-flowering, sweet licorice scented Purple Widow that was dark emerald and so purple she was almost black, yet had the bud structure of one of Arjan’s hazes.

Purple Dragon Kush is Love Genetics’ first major commercial strain. Several phenotypes hark back to her Pakistani ancestry and present with flat stems (this is a very rare trait). The majority of the phenotypes smelled of grape candy, OG Kush and hash. A favorite smelled like candy-coated licorice bits and tasted like candy, berries and Cheese Skunk.

PDK tends to have black-jade leaves and long pistils that look like mini flames. Note: Purple Dragon Kush is NOT related to Purple Dragon. Indica dominant. 63-77 days.

Dragon’s Breath is a hybrid cannabis strain that produces a scent and taste far more pleasant than its name might imply, being of skunky earth and spices. When ready for reaping, its buds tend to be forest green with deep golden pistils and a thin coating of trichomes.

THC levels for Dragon’s Breath fall at 22%. Its high is known to be quite clear-headed, allowing focus and creativity to blossom within the consumer’s mind. While the mind and body simultaneously relax, bouts of the giggles may arise. A talkative mood will surface, allowing the consumer to clear their head of social anxiety. Mood overall improves.

Beyond dry mouth and eyes, Dragon’s Breath rarely causes other ill side-effects, making this a good strain to start with for novice consumers.

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