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Buds of Isla OG are medium sized and a have a tapered, spade-like shape. The flowers appear more wispy than densely-packed, suggesting a sativa background; the leaves stick straight out in pointy segments, reminiscent of cannabis’ cousin plant hops, instead of coiling tightly as they do in indica varieties. The flowers are a bright shade of spring green and have relatively few hairy pistils. Presumably because Isla OG is so well-preserved, packaged at its source, its trichomes are plentiful and give the strain a dewy appearance and a sticky texture. Its aroma has a musky character, not dissimilar to that of OG Kush; some notes of skunk and citrus are present as well.
While Isla OG’s name and musky odor imply some indica genes, the uniquely wispy appearance of its buds hints at  of sativa as well.


There is very little information available about Isla OG’s genetic makeup. Producers LA Island (and their associated company Top Shelf THC) are no help; in fact, the manufacturer has no web presence whatsoever and no apparent products other than Isla’s sister strain Isla Hybrid and something called “Original OG.While the THC level alone could justify the price, it also has an extremely short grow cycle of only 45-days.According to the genetic profile of Oracle done by The Werc Shop, it is actually a CBD dominant strain with a ratio of 20:1 CBD:THC. The 45% THC claim seems outlandish,

Lineage: OG kush x hawaiian



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1 Pound, 1/2 pound, 1/4 pound, Ounce(30grams)


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