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Like the name would suggest, the White OG strain’s genetic lineage consists of the OG Kush and White Widow strains.

Being in the San Fernando Valley, we run into a variety of OG Kush strains. Thanks to this, it can be difficult to find a batch of OG that really stands out.

With this in mind, I was excited to see what sort of impression the White OG strain would leave.


Buy White OG Strain Online: OG Kush X White Widow USA AUSTRALIA GERMANY SPAIN EU

Buy White OG Strain | Where to order White OG Strain Online

Buy White OG Strain , I soon came to realize that this was a pretty smart decision on my part. As far as its aroma/taste is concerned, this batch of the White OG strain was a near-perfect mix between its parent strains. Theterpene profile was reminiscent of a piney OG Kush with musty undertones (presumably from the White Widow influence).

 I began to feel my anxiety taper off after just a few minutes of medicating with this strain. I found this to be quite useful in the middle of the day, Overall, I would say that the White OG strain is a great option for stress and pain relief later in the day. It may also be beneficial for patients who suffer from PTSDOCDlupus-related pain, depression, and more.

Marijuana Port Club 420 is happy to present The White OG by Seedsman, an OG Kush hybrid characterized by a generous resin production, a powerful OG aroma and an intense effect.

The White OG is an Indica dominant hybrid created from a cross between The White Krome Cut and Rollex OG. It is a compact plant, easy to grow indoors as it does not require much space.

The White OG: resin abundance and terpenes profusion

Buy White OG Strain; The White OG was created to combine the incredible resin production of The White line with the rich and complex terpene profile of the Rollex OG Kush which is characterised by its citric and floral notes on an earthy diesel background.

This gourmet Kush aroma, combined with its high trichomes production makes The White OG a perfect variety for any kind of resin extraction. It is a variety that will delight concentrate lovers.

Productive and easy to grow OG Kush variety

Buy White OG Strain; The White OG is a compact plant that adapts well to indoor grow tents as well as outdoor cultivation. Grown outdoors, plants can be harvested between the end of September and beginning of October. The buds will be mature after about 9 weeks with a yield of up to 500g per m2 indoors and up to 700g per plant outdoors.

Its dense and compact resin-coated flowers once dried and cured acquire a golden white color emanating a powerful aroma typical of good OG Kush cultivars. An aroma ranging from lemon to fuel notes on an organic background.

Seedsman’s The White OG has a positive and mentally stimulating effect and at the same time taking you to a physically relaxing state.

Seedsman The White OG info:

  • Type: Feminizer seeds
  • Genetics: The White Krome Cut x Rollex OG
  • Indica dominant
  • Indoor flowering: 60 – 65 days
  • Outdoor harvest: end of September to mid-October
  • Indoor yield: 500g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: up to 700g per plant
  • THC: 15 – 20%

1 Pound, 1/2 pound, 1/4 pound, Ounce(30grams)


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